Dear MyUITP users,

As of 5 March 2018, we are launching a brand new MyUITP which will become the main gateway to all our web services.

This will include:

  • MyLibrary to access our online database of over 60,000 articles
  • MyProfile to manage your personal details, newsletters and interests
  • MyNetwork to network with a community of over 18,000 members

Due to this exciting change, this version of MyUITP will be discountinued.

In order to ensure a smooth transition, we will keep this website up for an extra year so you can continue to have a look at your past conversations using your dedicated login and password.

There will be no possibility to update or delete the content as of today.

If you wish to initiate and participate in insightful conversations, we invite you to the brand new MyNetwork through here 

If you have any question related to this, we kindly ask you to reach out to us via email on myuitp-old@uitp.org

Have a great day !